No ticket needed! You may choose to complete the entire 22 stop tour, or pick the sites that fit your itinerary. 


1. Click here to Print the map and directions.

2. Use the Tour Stops page from your cell phone or tablet to learn as you go!

3. If you like, you may click here to print the entire tour booklet (or stop by Historic St. George's to purchase a printed copy).



This page offers a simplified map of the walking tour and directions to help you get your bearings. It is important to “get your bearings” as far as directions are concerned.  Numbered streets in Philadelphia run north-south.  Lower numbers are closer to the Delaware River and thus east of higher numbers.  

A word about safety is necessary.  Please be mindful of cars, trucks, and other pedestrians as you cross streets in this city, and always be courteous toward fellow pedestrians and city residents.  


Download a pdf of the entire tour, including endnotes and references.  Written by Benjamin L. Hartley.

We are grateful to the Historical Society of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church  for their support of this project.